About Karma Cat Co

Karma Cat Co Modern Cat Furniture

Our mission is to help cat parents create a sacred space for their magical creatures.

At Karma Cat Co., we believe the cat is a divine creature. Intuitive, complex, mystical and fluid, cats are able to sense our emotions and form unique, genuine and undeniable bonds with their owners. Cat parents know that the presence of their little one can bring a sense of calm, peace and tranquillity, helping us to connect with our higher selves and the divinity within. 

Juliana Ker - Founder of Karma Cat Co

Founded by Juliana Ker, cat lover, entrepreneur, designer and everyday magic maker. Growing up with cats from the day she was born, she understands their innate need to jump, scratch, play and have a secure and comfortable place to rest. Simultaneously, as she began to expand her spiritual and meditation practice, she realized the profoundly positive impact that creating an uncluttered and sacred space can have on one's mind and spirit. Frustrated with the lack of cat furniture that supported this vision she had for her home, Karma Cat Co. was born.

We understand the importance of having a tranquil space, and the effect this has on both your and your feline’s energies. By providing a large selection of modern, unique and design-focused cat furniture, we help to create a sacred space in the home for both you and your kitty.